Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tylenol for me

Ooosh, this headache has been dogging me all day. I just took a couple Tylenol PMs. They should fix me up.

We're in our new digs in Southern California. Shazaam. Have to go visiting tomorrow. Hope it goes nicely.

The weather is marvelous. I'm full of anticipation. Wore my hair in a braided oval bun today.

Our truck pulled the trailer up the BIG hill super well today. Last year it scared us because truckie was working so hard and we were chugging along at about 30mph. We had a Banks Exhaust System installed after that. This year, truckie ate up that ten mile incline. It's a blessing it is. I was worried about the weight and whether our Ford 250 could pull it well. She came through with flying colors. Husband also learned since last year that keeping the truck at 2800 rpms keeps her running uphill well. Go over 3000 rpms for an extended length of time and she'll overheat. You never want that!

Our washing machine is broken. Husband is going to get that fixed tomorrow hopefully. We have one of those Splendide washer-and-dryer-in-one machines. They're made in Italy. It takes a tiny load but if we have full hook-ups we can do a load or two a day and keep up.

My brain hurts. Oh yeah, we have zoomin' broadband DSL here. It comes with the site!