Friday, March 02, 2007

Lenten season cussing fund established

As of today there are ten dollars therein. Each incident costs five bucks. Monies shall go to the animal shelter! If you have to make a donation, send it in!

It's too cold outside today. It's 49 degrees and supposed to be colder tomorrow. It doesn't help that it's a cold wind blowing.

I like my hair today. Although my hair's been oily for some reason and I have a big zit too. I had to wear foundation today to cover it up. I missed out on bidding for a vintage beaded hairnet yesterday. In the 80s I had a real nice one that I picked up at a beauty supply store. I wore it to see the Bolshoi Ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion. A ballarina slipped and almost fell from a spot of sweat on stage. I felt terrible for her because here is one of probably the finest dancers in the world and the performance will be remembered as the one she slipped in. During intermission as I was walking downstairs with my husband a girl behind me said, "Ooooh, look. Her hair. I like that." She was talking about my little hairnet! It had multicolored seed beads on it and I know it was shining just right in the light. When our son was about 18 months old his little fingers got hold of it. I tried and tried but I could not untangle it. Ever since, I've looked for another one. I had the eBay page open but then dinnertime and 6:00pm came and my 'puter went into hibernate and I forgot all about it. Bidding was over by morning. Drats.