Thursday, March 06, 2008

Redid it

I made a new earring with better bugle beads and I daresay, it's pretty too. No time to take pictures, so I'll photograph the set after I make the mate tomorrow. I was afraid the second try just wouldn't be any great shakes, but my husband likes it better than the first. I used translucent neutral colored beads instead of the metallic copper/silver/gold/bronze mix and substituted a glass leaf as the focal bead instead of a round wooden rosette.

School was okay. We discussed three poems that I enjoyed (son, not so much) and we learned about Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer who left the Massachusetts Bay Colony for Rhode Island. I like learning about women in history.

We buttoned up the trailie and pulled in the slides and went to the dump station to empty all our tanks. Have to do that once a week because there are no sewer hook-ups in this park. I haven't been outside on the trails at all. It's too chilly outside. I miss my old classes and I'm just inside teaching or beading or making dinner. I cooked a dynamite fried chicken meal tonight with fresh, steamed green beans. My husband bought a new frying pan and it's real big so I was able to cook eight thighs and that means two lunches and a second dinner. We're in favor of tasty leftovers.

P.S. - I thought natural light was the key to photographing the earrings, but it's not. Artificial light shows jewelry best and much more accurately.

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