Saturday, March 29, 2008

Strictly long hair post

I have some hair comments building up so thought I'd write them down.

At the Messianic Synagogue last Saturday I received two comments. When I was in the restroom three senior ladies said my hair was beautiful. I wore it down which I rarely have done in the past, but am trying to do more often - a promise I've made to myself to enjoy the length. As I washed my hands they asked me questions such as how long it took to grow it to this length. I thought for a minute and said four years because I joined the Loom in 2004, and I pointed to my upper arm to show them the length I started with (24"). One lady said she thought it would take a lifetime to get it this long. Hehe! I said, "Oh no, if you don't cut it it will grow long." I combed my hair in the stall because I didn't want anyone to think I care about my hair. Haha!

Then as I walked back to my seat a gentleman in a wheelchair exclaimed, "I love her hair. Look at it." He stuck his hand out for a handshake as I turned the corner (he was at the end of the aisle) I shook hands and thanked him very much. I think perhaps he had cerebral palsy or some such thing. Their minds are perfect, sharp as a tack, but their bodies are not working, so I knelt down and chatted for a minute before I sat down. It saddened that me that he was wheelchair bound. There but for the grace of God go I.

Now then, an odd thing happened in the dance workshop. The Messianic Jews practice Davidic dance in their shabbat worship. As I entered the room they began to talk about someone and she had long, long hair. Who? I don't know. I was brand new so I didn't know one person. Nobody said anything to me about my hair in there though. Not that I expected it. I just thought it funny that they're talking about really long hair and didn't say, "Hey, she has long hair." It's like an elephant in the room sometimes. I just looked at the floor some and then smiled at a couple people. I had a great time learning three circle dances in two hours and the dancers were really nice. I almost tripped one of the teachers. I was supposed to turn but didn't so I was in her way. I apologized profusely and she said she was a klutz, which she definitely was not, and we both kinda laughed. Me, wishing I could disappear! Heh. There were even some men there. Male dancers are good to have.

The highlight of the reality of long hair though came when I was walking from my car to the temple. The wind was blowing. Not strong, but nice. And my hair blew around and tickled my wrists. That. Was a brand new experience! I am not against long hair tickling my wrists in the wind. I thought about fingertip length and when will I feel hair at my own fingertips.

All of this happened last Saturday. But yesterday I got a lovely compliment from my sister. We were going to belly dance class, it's tribaret style which is new for me by the way. It includes lots of pops and locks and I love the look of it. As we were walking to her car (cause we went to a restaurant for dinner after class) she said my hair was exotic and made me look exotic. What? Me, Liliana, exotic. Bwa hahahaha! I felt really good. God bless little sisters.

I washed it yesterday. I put some of my Kara leave-in on the midsection, but not the ends. I should do the ends. They need it certainly. End care is exceedingly important in the maintenance of long hair. But it decreases the fluff factor and I needed the look of fluff at the ends since I knew it would be worn down. What I've been doing instead is heavily oiling with avocado oil and leaving that oil on the last 1/2 of my hair for days (three days that is) in lieu of everyday ever so light oiling. Last week I even did a scalp wash despite having the ends heavily oiled. I had fluffy, clean hair at top and oily from half way down to the ends. No one knew because I wore it in a cinnamon roll or braided bun. The neighbors may have wondered why the woman next door was air drying clean hair with ends that wouldn't dry out. That's how it looks - like the top is dry and the ends are wet - although it's really oil. I have to have it bunned and out of the way for dance on Monday and Thursday. I've been wearing it down Friday for belly dance and it's still clean enough for shabbot on Saturday (I didn't go today) or church on Sunday. I haven't been to church here in San Diego yet. Tomorrow I will.

Sorry no photo for this month yet. And oops, the month is nearly ovah! Where did March go?

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