Monday, January 19, 2009

To the doctor's

Oh dear. Our son's breathing is not improved. We almost took him to emergency again on Saturday night. Praise the Lord, this morning we phoned the doctor, talked to a patient care coordinator who had the doctor phone us, and we're going in today. In California a doctor would never have gotten to the phone to speak directly to us and I know they wouldn't get us in on the same day. I'm so glad we left California. One time I had a bladder infection and my doctor's office set an appointment for me two months away. I'm not kidding! I'da been dead by them. We had superb top of the line insurance, but couldn't get an appointment! What a bunch of jokers. Actually, I know they're not incompetent, they're just overloaded with too many patients and not enough doctors. I went to Urgent Care and they fixed me up. Statistics show that more people have left the "Golden State" this year than ever before.

Does our child have asthma? Is it possible? Asthma? There's no asthma in either of our families.

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