Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day 1 of 2009 done


Tonight I'm thinking of the core tenets of Christianity; the cardinal necessity of spiritual religion; the fundamental doctrine of true theology. Only the first part of that sentence is mine. The other two parts are from S.M. Lockridge. But I digress.

Jesus is the Son of God.
He came down in the flesh and lived with us.
He performed miracles while he was here.
He was born to a virgin.
He lived a perfect life.
He died for our sins. On that cross hangs not his sin, but mine and yours.
He arose after three days.
Only through his death are we redeemed.

The Bible is the inerrant, infallible, 100% reliable, Word of God.
I'm a trinitarian.
I believe the Godhead is three parts: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Grace is ours for free, not through works and not by making a deal with God.

Did I cover everything? Oops. Forgot an important one. Jesus is coming back for his people one day. Live a live of faith everyday to the best of your ability or your mansion in the sky might turn out to be a double seater outhouse with a cutout of the moon on the door and Sears catalog for toilet paper.

There are things that can be a little different between believers, but you have to be real certain you don't veer off from the core tenets, principles, to live life as a follower of Christ or then you're really in trouble. "Is it vital to salvation?" This you must ask yourself.

I am rejigorated, as my son would say. I had a blah sort of day, but I'm rejigorated tonight.

I'm in Judges reading about Samson now. He's was really not that great of a person ya know. He had some major problems, that guy. In the end he came around and that's good.

Tomorrow our son sees a pediatric allergist at 10:00am in the city. I pray it will go well and we will get good help for him so he can breathe like a normal, healthy, person. Ideally, we would like him to be able to be around animals. He loves dogs and horses so much, but they clog his breathing and give him a rash on his hands. It's really sad to see. It makes him cry and he says, "Why me, Mamma?"

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