Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I deleted a ton of bookmarks. Why do I keep so many? I don't know. I keep thinking they're really good and how will I ever find them again and my bookmark folder gets longer and longer. Idle time, idle time. Well, off with its head. I now have eight bookmarks.

And I cleaned out my Hotmail email account. I had emails from two years ago on there. In February 2007 a park ranger guy (so he says) asked me to be a Flicker Friend in his photography album. He had nice pics but I hesitated to respond because he's a guy. Boy am I glad I hesitated for two years. I looked at his page now and it's full of girly picture friends. Yipes. What happened to the nature stuff?!

I still have an Easter email from Rita S. from April 2007 and I always felt bad I didn't get back to her. I kept that one.

My regular email folder has 1487 emails in it. I'm a-scared to clean it out. As soon as I do there will be one I need for some reason or another and how can I know which one? I better leave that job for another day.

Did aerobic kickboxing this eve and yes, it kicked my behind. My upper arms are sore already. The girl behind me was boxing like she was in a real fight and she really inspired me. I didn't need to look back because I could feel her energy. I told her so and she sure lit up so I'm glad I spoke my mind.

My husband made fajitas and beans and fideo and made me a plate since I was gone for dinner. He warmed corn tortillas for me to eat with it when I came home. I love corn tortillas. I have spin class tomorrow but I think I'll cancel it and do my own work-out. I miss being home for dinner and they don't like me being gone either. I'm bustin' with pride because my son is doing devotional with his daddy (he calls him Deda) after dinner when I'm gone. My son and I do it together in the morning and that way he's read through it once and has confidence to lead. That boy, he's gonna be head of a godly family someday. I just know it. I believe it. I'll be shocked if he isn't. I tell him to be sure to choose a wife carefully and one who shares the same values as he. In twenty years there will be even fewer individuals with the old school values that we have. My husband is 67 years old, he came of age in the '50s, and I got my values from him. Our son is young but he's very old school. It makes him different from the other kids. I'm concerned about it sometimes and yet there's nothing different I would do. When we do find people who share our values it's like a magnet. He finds them like a magnet. It's striking how he does that.

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