Saturday, February 14, 2009


Disappointed. We took some photos but none turned out. Don't enlarge it cause this is as big as it gets. We can't do photos tomorrow because it'll be windy. Meh.

Thems is mah new pants. I happened to have a top that matches almost perfectly.

Son did his history review and unit assessment all on his own today. It's a first. He said he wanted to surprise me but he didn't want to surprise me with a 33%. Heh. He waited till I was home and let me click the Submit button. He got 90%. Bless his lil' heart. And he came home from doing errands with my husband with flowers for me - six pink carnations and six tulips. He was beaming. He bought them with his shoeshine money. They're awful purty and I sure don't deserve it. That son of mine spoils me so. I rushed to the store after dinner and got him two lollies. He'll be surprised tomorrow morn.

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