Thursday, February 26, 2009

26 days

My cycle is 26 days. I keep expecting the other shoe to drop - that's a saying and I'm not sure what it means. I'm hanging in here steady at 26 days. You'd think, or that is, I would think, perimenopause would make cycles longer apart till they stop, not closer till they stop. Sure seems backwards to me. So I felt lower than a snake's belly all day.

Missed yogalates. The awning needs repair. The wind ripped it. And the repair peeps, they're such a nice couple, I like them, came right when it was time for me to go and husband needed the truck to drive to the repair place. Turned out my husband could have dropped me off, but I was too slow to say, yes please, take me and drop me off. I had cramps anyway. But I had washed my hair and everything, so I shoulda gone. Didn't jog either because then my hair would have gotten dirty and sweaty. Have I convinced anybody besides myself that it's okay that I missed class?

I was in bed just now. Actually half an hour ago is more like it. Thanks to Vista whenever I turn on my computer I have a 50% chance of connecting to my network. May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest the armpits of Microsoft for ever selling Vista. I sit here and click and click and click on Connect till finally, for reasons unknown, it decides to connect. Also, right before bedtime I took a drink of water from a clean glass and found out I did a crummy job of rinsing it. I tasted Palmolive dish soap in my mouth. Yuk! I still have the soap aftertaste. So I got some milk and planned to eat some graham crackers to wash down the residual soap but we're out of grahams! Blimey! I ate Oreos instead though they weren't what I wanted. Oreos and milk blended with soap residue - now it sounds like there's a tiger in my tank.

As I was lying in bed I realized I could not go to sleep till I write a post. I like my blog. My blog gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. There aren't many things I can think of and consistently feel good about it. I like the bright whiteness and crisp, plain, plainness of my new colors. Well, I guess 'color' as in singular is more accurate. No one in my family reads me. I guess it's just too much Liliananess for them. I do not mind.

My dad called. He's feeling well and he says he thinks his heart is getting stronger. He sounded so good. Happy. He said it's the rest of him that's falling apart now and he laughed. Hehe. He can have a nice sense of humor when he tries. It was good to talk to him and I felt badly that I haven't called him. We might see him in the next couple weeks.

We may have found a storage facility with a larger space for half what we're paying in Southern CA. We might make a super fast trip and transfer our worldly goods from there to here. We would spend the night at my Dad's. I hope it will pan out.

But what I really wanted to write about is that I finished researching photo opportunities at Monument Valley and I am prepared. I have in my mind, and made notes, of all the locations I want to hit. There is one glitch. I badly want one more lens to complete my set and the lens I want would be ideal for this locale. I want the 10mm-22mm wide angle Canon lens. Without it I cannot get East Mitten, West Mitten and the Butte in one frame. You need 24mm if viewing from the Visitor's Center and the lowest I have is 28mm. I guess I don't have to have them all in one frame. I can settle for just the two Mittens, but I sure want all three. It would be, let's say, niiiice.

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