Monday, February 16, 2009

Me, Alaska, and Barbie

The three of us are turning 50 this year. Yeehaw! That and a wooden nickel will get you a cup of coffee. (Did I mess up that saying.)

We're leaving to San Diego on March 16 to kick off our travel year. Yeehaw!

Saturday night when we went to Valentine's dinner we saw some friends at the restaurant and found out they're getting hitched. She asked me if I'd be their photographer for the wedding. Well, blow me down. I was flattered but I had to say no. Actually I would enjoy getting pictures of her getting ready for the wedding and photos of her in her beautiful dress but full-on wedding photography would be way too much responsibility. I can hardly believe she thinks I could do it. If only I could see myself through others eyes. Sometimes.

I did step aerobics for the first time ever tonight. It was not bad. I worried it could be hard on the knees but my knees are fine. The teacher, she's a sweetheart and I sure do like her. I didn't get an over exertion headache like I did when I took her aerobic kickboxing class so praise the Lord I am making progress. I shall will this body to get into shape. Mind over matter. I rarely feel like going to work out but afterward I am always glad I went. My husband is liking my new, fit self and that gives me mucho motivation.

My hair turned out nice today. Am I the only one who cleans up and gets pretty to go to aerobics class and sweat profusely? Do I need psychological help for that?

Which leads me to wonder if any long hairs really wear their hair down much. When I was in Albuquerque I tried wearing it down and what a royal pain it was. I was trying to jockey my purse and get my wallet to pay for a bean burrito. My hair was flowing all around me and I kept trying to keep my shoulder strap on my shoulder while I pawed through my very heavy bag looking for my wallet. What do I hear and feel? Individual hairs going Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink! That's the sound of a single hair, or multiple serial hairs as it were, breaking off because they're stuck under my wide purse strap on my shoulder. I'm all stressed out. My head's bent over to the left. Where's my wallet? Where's my wallet! Oh, there it is - clenched tightly under my right armpit so no one will rip me off. I put it there five minutes ago so I wouldn't have to paw through my purse and fuss with my hair. Forgot I did that. Luckily I remember my reading glasses are on my head so at least I'm not looking for those too. It's all very annoying.

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