Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I have to pack for the week-end tomorrow. I always leave things till the last minute so I really must be an adult and pack carefully tomorrow instead of rushing Friday morning.

Went to my first spin class tonight. A spin class is a work-out class on a stationary bike. Apparently they do things like play games (talking games) or turning off the lights or changing the music and stuff to make it more fun. It was hard but I'm going back again next week. The teacher did an outstanding job keeping it interesting. Her name is Kori and she's a real doll. She's a tall drink of water and thin. Great legs. Well, she completed a marathon last Sunday and what she did during the spin class was talk about her experience in the marathon for 35 minutes and it was as if we ran it ourselves. She was so interesting. Now I never need to do a marathon because I feel just like I did one from listening to her! For example, she got to the 22 mile mark and realized she was not going to complete the race with fast enough time necessary to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She wanted to cry! And while she was telling us this (with a smile on her face because she's got great personality) the song "Big Girls Don't Cry" started. It was perfect. Aw, she planned it that way. Pretty good, I thought.

I had insomnia last night and felt dog tired all day today. I also did weight training for my first time by myself yesterday and so my lats are sore. Heck, lemme me honest, everything's sore! Hurts good though. The gym owner gave me a paper with my weight training circuit on it and I went from machine to machine and checked off my sheet as I went. I did two reps of ten each of everything. I had the place to myself so I didn't feel self-conscious trying to figure out how to use the machines. It was so easy when she was with me but doing it alone was another matter. I had to use my reading glasses to read my sheet, then read the picture on the machine. Yeah, had to put my face up close and squench up my eyes to see well. Quite lame really but looks don't matter, right? Hahaha! Oh my, how life changes from 25 to 50.

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