Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yoga and namasté

At the end of each yogilates class the teacher puts her palms together and says namasté. The class follows her example, except for me. I researched it a bit tonight because I wasn't sure of its meaning or why I didn't copy her. It was the Lord convicting me is all. There are many translations but essentially, for me, I decided I will continue to pass on the namasté. Yoga originated in India as a spiritual practice and today there are many new styles of yoga that have no spiritual component. (I found that statement on a site but forgot which one.) I'm doing a blend of pilates and yoga and I desire no spiritual component be added. So, no namasté for me. I stand apart.

Well, what did I think about today? I thought about the weather (we had hail and I thought about Kathryn in Oklahoma) and I thought about testimonies. I thought about how my blog is like cooking spaghetti. On my blog I think a lot of things. I throw them at the wall to see if they stick. If they stick, they're done. If they fall off, they're not. Well, a person's testimony ought not focus what's been flushed down the toilet, but rather upon the new life that follows after one is saved - the transformation. And that's what I'm thinking about today. In church sometimes I come across peeps who unintentionally rather glorify their old life. They aren't doing it on purpose. They are intending to glorify the transformation in their life - their desire to change, to seek truth. Yeah. So I'm reading a book about how to do it right. How to do it well. How to do a good, biblical, persuasive testimony.

It was very cold today.

We're looking forward to getting on the road. We're all three getting itchy feet!

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