Saturday, February 21, 2009

Doe in camouflage

There she is lying in the grass behind the cacti. She never got up to run away either.

Well my fasting and praying went well. It went okay. Pretty good I'd say I s'pose. I'd planned on going for a prayer walk Saturday morning when I was hungriest thinking it would challenge and stretch me but I awoke as weak as a little bird. I ended up lying in the recliner with a blankie over me drinking liquids and watching the clock. It was my first experience with 24 hours of fasting and prayer and I'm afraid I am disappointed with myself. I find fasting from sun-up to sundown far, far easier.

Friday night the men had mac and cheese and salad and I was so drooling. Everytime I thought about food I said a prayer. Normally I rarely think about food and on an average, nondescript day I can go hungry for an extended period of time for no reason other than I'm too lazy to make time to eat, but for 18 of those 24 hours I was all hung up on food. Pitiful.

Maybe I will do it again sometime, but not more than once a month. I must have gotten dehydrated during the night because in the morning my tongue was all white, ugh, like when you get sick. I don't like white tongues. A healthy tongue is supposed to be pink. Well, perhaps a subject change is in order here.

I hear my husband is scrubbing the tub. I hate when he does housework.

Our tentative travel schedule is coming together. After March 16 we will go to see a place, a geologic formation called Shiprock, and then Monument Valley. I've been wanting to see Monument Valley for sometime now. Shiprock I've never heard of but my husband found it online.

Oh no. My husband is calling me. There's a hairball in the drain and I get to take it out with a paper towel. Ewww.

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