Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm expecting

A new addition. A 10-22mm Canon super wide angle lens will be delivered sometime in March. I had to make a choice: Bernina sewing machine or the lens. Tough decision but it had to be done. I'm excited!

Husband got diesel fuel for $2.04 in Cruces this week. Last week it was $2.19. Next time fuel goes up, we don't think it'll ever come down. In the not too distant future earth will have reached maximum production. Oh I hope fuel prices stay down all this year.

The librarian made my day today. She always remembers my name and I happen to know she likes long earrings so I put on a pair of my best long beaded earrings before I headed out to the library. Sure enough, she noticed them and liked them and called everyone out of the office to come see them. Hehe! She went on and on about how I ought to sell them. I told her several people have been interested in buying them but they would be too expensive for me to sell. They take so much time to make, you know? And she told me that I just needed to sell them in the right place to the right people. Well, she sure was nice. I found the book I wanted too. Our son's curriculum included an excerpt from Les Miserables and we enjoyed it so much I decided to get the book for read aloud. I soon realized I would not be reading it aloud! It's kinda hard reading! I'm reading it to myself. I have three books I'm reading at once. I feel like I am rich when I have so many good books to read!

My sister was on tv in San Diego. They're putting in a giant electric line and a lot of people want it and a lot of people don't, so it made news. She walked in front of the camera, realized it was the camera crew, and walked right back out. All her friends emailed and called her and said they saw her on the teevee. I tell ya, she's really made something of herself. She's worked so very hard to get where she is. She's little but she's powerful good at what she does.

Tomorrow is the week-end. Goodie! Have a splendid week-end.

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