Monday, February 02, 2009

The pants I love

Who can love pants? I can love pants! I got them today. She did such a good job sewing them. They're every bit as cute as they are in her Etsy shop and they fit me purrrfectly. My husband told me to get another pair. He can't keep his eyes off of me when I have them on. That's a very good thing when you've been married going on 25 years! Very. Thank you Lord.

Today I got a tour of how to use all the work-out weight machines. They're not exactly machines but I can't think of their proper name. Equipment maybe? Anyhoo, Carol gave me a tour and had me try each one out. They have one that's like a captain's chair but a little different - it's the one where your body hangs down and you pull your knees up to your chest? Killer! I did three and I was red as a beet. I must do more. I gotta wanna get up to ten. It was wonderful trying out all the machines. I can't wait to go back. One of my favorites, which I had forgotten about, is the Roman chair. I always called it 'doing back-ups.' I'm good at those and they're so helpful for strengthening the lower back. I wonder how many I can do now.

We didn't homeschool today on account of husband took son to doctor appointment with the allergist again. He has the coughs. Doc found he has a little infection so the doc prescribed an antibiotic and gave him two inhalers that he is to use three times a day. I hope he'll be well soon. It needles our minds that he's still not well. I think he'll be well when we go to San Diego. There are no animals that he comes into contact with there.

I've decided to do something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but have been putting it off. I found a place that does laser hair removal and I'm gonna go for it. I can have a lady RN work on me so it won't be a guy. I've had two babies and my modesty is pretty well shot so as long as it's a lady working on me I can handle that. Git 'er done as they say. And it's a sight cheaper having it done in New Mexico rather than California. I'm gonna have my bottom done. And I'm not going to say that again so in the future anyone who reads this particular post will know, and anyone who doesn't, they'll just have to guess!

And my main thought that I've been carrying around in my mind from Sunday sermon is that my hope is in the Lord, not in government. Yessirree.

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