Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good bye to my books

I guess the Lord knew I needed to set a big chunk of time aside for prayer before I did. Wow. He is amazing. Tomorrow I fast and pray. Worship, intercessory, thanksgiving, petition, repentance. Not in that order. In order would be repentance first.

Our son phoned tonight and talked a mile a minute to my husband. There is much anxiety for him. Hopefully he won't be included in the first wave of layoffs if they do happen. He's worked there nine years. My husband worked in the auto industry too and was laid off twice in his career. The second time was from aerospace though.

Today I gave away five of my books about prayer. I will miss them but I can't keep them. I asked my husband to leave them at the laundromat when he did the laundry today. That's where we usually leave our books when we finish them. We've left books in laundromats across the nation. I always do hate letting my books go but hopefully they will get read and be loved by someone else. I have done some good growing with those books and holding on to them is just being greedy to make a collection. They are me and I am them. They're on the inside of me now!

Okay. I don't feel so bad now. I will miss them in a happy, good way.

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