Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday set aside

Saturday I will fast and pray. Together at the same time. It will be from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. Wait? Maybe not.

Delete that. If I fast Saturday then I can't eat till noon Sunday and that means . . . aaaaauuugh! I'll be very hungry at church and my stomach would be growling all Sunday morning. Oh I hate that. I get so embarrassed when my stomach growls. It can be quite vociferous at times.

I will fast and pray Friday noon to Saturday noon instead. Twenty-four hours, liquids only. Yes. That will be the day.

People who fasted in the Bible:
Spiritual warfare - Jesus
Deliverance - Esther
Salvation - Ninevah

Those are the ones I've read about but there are a lot more than that. I'm all the way up to 1Samuel (took me but a year to get this far!) and Hannah was barren and prayed and fasted and wept, and she got baby Samuel.

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