Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best hair day in sometime

On Friday I washed my hair, dried it outside, and wore it down all day.

Two of the park rangers drove by and stopped to say hello. One of them had never seen my hair down and I turned around so he could view the whole length (which is thigh length now) and though he didn't say much, I think he said, "Wow," very quietly, our son rode around with him in the truck for a while and later told me that the ranger was saying my hair was really nice and I ought to wear it down all the time! What a sweet guy.

And. Friday eve at prayer meeting two women asked me how long I'd been growing my hair. Later when a group of us were sitting in the living room hair became the topic of conversation - with the men too! It was kinda neat. I had a good hair day. It might have been the best hair day of my life. (My husband just now looked over my shoulder and I turned all red because I'm writing about my hair.)

I said to my husband the other night that multiple compliments in one day took me by surprise, such nice ones even from guys, and he said men like long hair. Sometimes I've contemplated whether I should cut way back to waist because I don't have amazing fullness or gorgeous color, but I think maybe amazing length is unique enough even if it's not four inches circumference in a pony tail. I think knee length is attainable. I'm feelin' it! I'm feeling very positive about it.

March, the month I trim, is getting close! I was thinking two inches but my son says, "No Mamma, it only needs one inch off."

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