Sunday, August 25, 2013

I saw an article tonight that began "Marriage is a lot of work."

Maybe we're well matched or maybe I'm just very lucky.  Work is work.  Housecleaning is work.  Raising children is work.  My marriage makes everything easier. I love him so much.  I can't think of anything 'work' about it.  Not in all these almost 30 years has it ever been work.  He's made me mad a couple times, but that's not work.  I've made him mad much worse.  I love him so much. 

Did a bunch of housework yesterday.  Got a sore back because of it but I just couldn't stop.  The fixtures in the kitchen are so shiny.  My husband replaced them for me.  Everything I do, I see some other little thing I need to do.  Dirt in the narrow runner of the window.  Stains in the carpet that I didn't notice at first.  Dried glue on the edge of the counter that I thought was egg yolk but turns out it was a sloppy repair job.  Well, it's not like buying a brand new house.  When we bought a brand new house it cost like $150 just to buy light bulbs for all the sockets.  Here, there are light bulbs and toilet paper already.  I like brand new, but I like this too.

I want to take out all the screens in the windows so we can see out better. 

A guy at church gave me his phone number on a piece of gum and asked me to call him.  He's kind of handsome and married and drives a Harley.  I nodded and smiled but I haven't gone to church for three weeks.  I wish my husband came sometimes.  I must go next week.  My friend texted me this morn and said, "God is looking for you."  Haha!  I shoulda told her he found me at Lowe's.  Well, I gotta go to church next week no matter what.

This evening when I sat outside for a bit I heard an owl hoot nearby.

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