Thursday, February 02, 2006

Plan to go to Texas soon

Today was our last drive into Cruces. Probably about Monday we're splittin' to Texas. We have to wait to receive a little hat our son ordered. We ordered it two and a half weeks ago and they barely shipped it Monday. Sheesh. He's getting a hat like Jughead wears. lol!

We think New Mexico is the best kept secret for a winter location. The weather warmed up a bit and it was 69° today. When we got back from the city about half our loop was filled with campers! I'm surprised because it's mid-week. We have a real giant rig next to us. He's so big he's blocking out the sun! They're towing two dune buggy ATV vehicles. I presume they intend to rape the countryside while they're here by driving across the fragile desert habitat. It'll frighten away the birds and destroy the flora and fauna. They'll have a good time though, I guess.

My heart breaks for the son of Cindy Sheehan. He reenlisted and died trying to save others' lives. She shames her son so. Her husband divorced her. Her organization Gold Star Families for Peace has a piddly few members. Yet the media gives her scads of attention. I think I'm growing to hate the media.

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