Friday, February 17, 2006

Almost an accident but not

Traveling mercies today. Not once, but twice. Two close calls. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being you're dead, the first one was a five and the second was a seven.

This morning we're traveling down the interstate and a trucker came barreling down on our left and another trucker came barreling on our right merging from an on ramp. We were in the middle. My husband hit the brakes and we were safe. If he'd made the wrong decision, if he'd tried to speed up, we'd have been crunched. These are split second decisons. Our heart was in our throat, but the second 'almost' was scarier.

Driving down a principal highway, that means no divider, two cars in front of us we saw a man hit by a lady in an SUV who lost control and veered at high speed across the lines into the oncoming traffic. Almost head-on, she hit the driver's side corner of his car. The man is lucky. Someone who saw it in front of us went up to the guy and told him the Lord must have been with him. His knee was messed up, but he was outside his vehicle and standing. We were the third vehicle, towing 6,100 pounds behind us we avoided hitting the woman in front of us. My husband braked hard.

Ambulances responded quickly. So anyway we're okay and I'm grateful for that. We haven't had such a day ever.

We looked at the 32' fifth wheel. Oooooh. It's big. And it's nice. I have to see it in daylight still but I'm thrilled with it. It looks huge. I kept saying over and over, how can it be within our GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). But I checked and my husband rechecked, and the sticker says 10,500 GVWR.

It has two bar stools, free standing chairs for the dinette instead of a booth, two bathroom sinks, a big bathroom mirror, a U-ie shaped kitchenette, two doors, a bedroom.

Yesterday I saw my first cardinal. It flew across the highway and it was red, red, RED! Today I saw many of robins. We drove by Maybelline and L'Oreal corporation. I didn't know they were the same company. We drove by Delta, the place the makes the (best) faucets. :)

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