Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Lord works

We've been getting down to the nitty gritty deciding whether or not to buy a larger unit. I started shopping online a few days ago, narrowing down our choices, seeing what's available, and generally getting to know fifth wheels. We wanted an Airstream but they don't have as much storage as we need, plus they're very expensive.

We decided we're in dire need of a fifth wheel with a bunk house (instead of a trailer). A bunk house is a couple bunk beds, some storage cabinets, and a door in which to close a child in when Mom is at her wits end. I was at my wits end last Friday. Also, the majority of fulltimers live in a 5th wheel or an RV, not a trailer.

My husband and I have been talking about taking the leap and buying something larger. We need more space so badly, and we need some amenities! We want to travel one or two more years and there are things that make life more pleasant such as an air conditioner with a thermostat, a walk-around bed, and more storage. In here, you can only turn the A/C on or off which means in real hot weather it's too cold and we have to continuously turn the thing off and on to maintain a comfortable temp. The double bed is a pain in the behind to make because it's in the corner. I hate making the bed. I really to be able to store some craft items for our little boy. He misses making crafts and at home in the house I had a ton of stuff. An entire bedroom was devoted to education and crafts. Here, there's no space for a mouse to do crafts.

My husband was talking to a very good friend of his and our friend has health problems now and won't be traveling anymore and he offered to sell us his fifth wheel at a very, a very, good price. We're going to go look at it. It's in Tennessee so it'll be a bit of a drive. They're well off and they buy top of the line stuff, so this fiver has a washer and dryer and a king size bed and I'm sure it's real pretty inside. Oh my. Of course there's no bunk house and so this is definitely not in line with my plans, but I want to follow His plans because they always work out so much better in ways I never imagine. And to think, if we hadn't had a problem with registering our vehicles with the state of Texas last week, we'd be long gone right now, probably in California. We wouldn't be close enough to consider driving to Tennessee and we would have already paid to register this trailer.

I'm keeping an open heart and praying that the best will come of it. We're excited. I hope it all works out. We'll see.

The truck is scheduled for maintenance at 7:00am, our son is doing crafts with the craft lady at 10:00 am, and then we're on the road again tomorrow!

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