Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday night

Thought I made a clean break from the treasurership. Keyword, thought. Two board members said they'd take over and so that changed everything and I needed to fill out the grant paperwork to apply for next year's funds. I have not the foggiest notion how to start. I looked at all the figures and the questions - and I had no idea what to do.

So I emailed Helen and told her I hate being treasurer. Not too professional of me. I should have couched it in more mature language. Anyway, she offered to trade jobs with me (just to add to my misery because then I had to say no twice) and I could be secretary and take the minutes. I can't. I told her no. Haven't heard back, but I'm sure she's semi-devastated that I'm not the person she thought I was. Not to whine, but the two hour a month volunteer job was more like ten and that's ten hours of pulling my hair out mostly. I hate volunteer work. Why am I half a century old and still unable to say no. Technically, I've improved tremendously at saying no, but to Helen I said yes. I like Helen. I suppose that's the end of that now. Plus I have to write a letter of resignation and give it to my pastor since he heads up the non-profit group. That's just great. Now every time I see my pastor I get to feel bad. His wife and his daughter, and Helen, are movers and shakers. I'm not. I fix my life so I don't need meds and what do I do? Stick my face right into a situation, self-inflicted. It makes me hate everyone and not want to go to church. I'm already stretched tight trying to be a Zumba instructor.

Zumba today was good. Seven people but three were late and someone didn't pay me because I was short $5. Bummer. I slept poorly last night thinking of being "the bad volunteer", then woke with a stomach ache because of it. As if I need another reason besides Zumba to get all tied into knots. But after class several people thanked me and it was so nice. In San Diego the teachers arrived, led class, and left. No chatting. One teacher that I talked to was picking up her bag and leaving like she had no time to talk and all I asked for was the name of a song she played. I try to chat and be a good listener and inspire my class to exercise. It's really rewarding when people come in uptight and leave happy - like they've accomplished something - which they have. I appreciate that it requires planning and effort just to show up for class, especially on Saturday when most folks are doing errands that can't get done during the week. I want everyone to have a nice time. I want our class to have a warm, inclusive, supportive environment. I desire to accomplish that.

Bella is thin. I don't know why. We're a little concerned. We're going to feed her more hay and see if it helps. Her diarrhea is gone. She's calm. She never pins her ears back when I groom her so nothing hurts. I'm not sure what could be wrong. I've had a person say she's overweight which I find laughable and others who say at her age she's supposed to be a little "ribby", but she's too ribby in my estimation.

I heard from one of my students that the gym said they could open another Zumba class. Hmmm. No one has mentioned it to me yet. I sure wish they would sweeten the pot a little and offer something more than $10 an hour. I desire to take the Zumbatomic workshop and get licensed to teach children age 4-12. It looks like great fun and it's so good for the kids. Click here to go to YouTube to see the absolutely cutest little boys doing Zumbatomics.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Don't worry about the volunteer thing. Obviously that's not what the Lord wants you to do. They'll find someone else. I'm the Zumba class is going so well. I hope there is nothing wrong with your horse.