Sunday, September 26, 2010


I plan to do absolutely nothing today. Except for folding some laundry. That's something. Maybe cook dinner. That's something too.

My back feels a little better so I think I'm relieved it's nothing serious. Still need to wait a couple days for that determination, but I'm thinking it was only sore muscles now. I can't bend over very well still.

Another girl in town is going to get a Zumba license.

I wish my stomach would be normal. I'm tired of feeling high strung all day and not being able to sleep.

I'm not happy at the gym. I only earn $10 an hour and I don't think it's very fair. There were 21 in my class last Wednesday. I thought ten bucks was fine when I thought no one would come, but I've advertised and now word-of-mouth is working for me and they like the class. It's a lot of practice and time devoted to Zumba to get only $10. And they have a new room they want me to use. It has open air and misters and the truth is I don't like the room. I get too wet and I think my shoes slipped a little. I'm afraid I might slip and fall. I like the regular air conditioned room better.

In contrast, at the smaller studio I had ten students and earned $50. I flubbed up and felt embarrassed, but oh it happens. Can't take myself too seriously (I tell myself). In a song I know upside down and inside out, I lost my place for about 16 counts. Small torture.

Maybe when the other girl teaches she can teach in the misty room.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Try not to slip and fall. That would be awful.