Monday, September 13, 2010

An unexpected reprieve

Two months ago I became the treasurer for a small 501(c)3 agency. At tonight's meeting they passed a painful decision that since the new president (who came on board the same time I did) is moving and no one is available to take her place, the organization will close its doors. It's really a shame because it's funding the community needs and Helen worked her heart out five years ago getting it started and keeping it going. It was truly a labor of love on her part. I remember when she had books and binders and papers and notes about how to start this organization piled up all over her house. She was driven. She did a superb job.

But I stink as a treasurer! I was really bad at it. One thing I forgot to do was get a bank statement. Did ja know you're supposed to have a bank statement from the bank? I kinda forgot. To get one. I balanced the checkbook against my Quicken program and when those two figures came out the same I patted myself on the back and counted it as a job well done. ...I used to manage a million dollar budget 15 years ago when I was a Commmunity Development Block Grant Administrator. I guess I got dumb. I dunno what happened.

I am utterly relieved I don't have to be a treasurer anymore. I'm free! My shoulders feel so much better. I don't have to stress about it anymore - after the remaining funds are spent. I count it as a lesson. I will never volunteer for anything like this again.

I hate volunteering. It always turns out badly.

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