Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Life with a vengeance

Life seems to have caught up to me and with a vengeance. We bought furniture, but only after we drove to El Paso on a Sunday for nothing - the store was closed. Drove back on Tuesday. Didn't like anything. Went to Cruces. Bought a few things. One piece has crooked knobs. Do I want to drive it all the way back to Cruces to exchange it? Had the dry heaves before my Saturday Zumba class (from pure nerves). I was victorious. I did the class, did fine, earned $45 bucks. Zumba is going well. I have two full classes - about 15 in each class. I have a sore ankle though and class at 5:30pm tonight. It's an attack of the enemy no doubt. I've had no time to learn new routines and I need to do that very much. A third of our stuff is still in storage, a third in the house, and half in the trailer. Our meal times are all messed up. Haven't had a normal family meal in a week. Husband is returning Nike today because she's pushing down the fence. Two stray horses were in the yard on Monday. Animal control came and got them. I'm a new member of the board, I'm treasurer for F.O.H., and paperwork and phone calls are more than I expected. Husband has been run ragged. Son loves having his own room. I have no time.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Gee, I hope things settle down pretty soon!