Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So happy

My blood pressure is lower than my sister's. And I'm four years older than she. Noony noony noony! Nanny nanny nanny! Lalalalala! And she's making me doubly happy because she's mad about it. She said so. She said she suspects the blood pressure taker machine was out of calibration. Hehe!

Her Zumba teacher is off galavanting (skiing somewhere) so my sis says she's getting fat and flabby from not dancing. She's littler than I am but weighs more because she's got so much muscle. Fat, my eye.


Starla said...

I bet you were writing this right when I wrote you, "Please don't put this in your blog!!!" Haa haa haa. We sisters have a special connection, you thought blog, I thought blog. But you thought just a little quicker than your little old sis!

Shelby said...

I bet her BP increased by you saying Nanny nanny boo boo! LOL :D