Friday, December 17, 2010


Zumba is going well. I have another couple incidents to report.

I've been dancing a long time and hip circles are no big to me. I've got some cabbage patch hip circles in my warm up and some low hip circles in the second song. They're very good for your body and always a hit with new people. Well, last Tuesday I had about 15 students and four were new. One was quite vocal. She was woohooing and having a great time. I like it when they do that because I'm not much of a woohooer.

But that night they got so boisterous during the hip circles! The new women were so boisterous that I blushed. My face turned bright red! The ladies were going to town with the hip circles! My front row Zumba VIPs (my regulars who like front row) all noticed my face. Haha! They said, "Liliana's blushing!"

The second curious thing from last week is the boisterous lady yelled "Pull in your stomach!" Good golly, I was mortified. Was my stomach sticking out? I almost had a heart attack at the thought that my stomach could be hanging out far enough to warrant reprimand in front of the whole class. The two women in front of me both looked down at their own tummies and then each other. It was so funny. I just smiled because I did not know what to do. My husband said if she does it again he's gonna come down there himself and kick her out! Hehe. Well, she did the same thing Thursday night. This time I realized she was saying it to the whole class as encouragement, not to me although she is almost directly in front of me. Told my husband how perplexed I was, and shoot, he used to do aerobics and he said she's probably taken lots of aerobics because in those classes whenever they do abs the instructor loudly reminds class to pull in their stomachs. So, mystery solved.

The last thing is I had a complaint from one student that two other students were too loud. I suggested she move to the other side of the row and I told her I'm not going to say anything to them and she was not too happy with me. I mean, what do I do? Tell them to quit having so much fun?

I got a save though because a real sweet gal, Rose, talked to them and asked them to quiet down a bit and they took it very well. Whew. Thank you for that. The other lady seems to have forgiven me now. She didn't talk to me after class the first night. I got the cold shoulder. That's okay.

There are all kinds of personalities that come to Zumba class. It's an experience. I guess I should get used to being a mother hen sometimes. Another thing outside my comfort zone.

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SchnauzerMom said...

It's impossible to please everyone. Some people will have to compromise. Glad your class is going so well.