Thursday, December 16, 2010

She's a Christian

Well, if there was any doubt before, there isn't any now.

Tonight at Zumba I got to chitchatting to people and forgot to turn on my listening music playlist. So I rushed right at 5:30pm (I start right on the dot), fumbling around without my glasses to get my dance music started. My boom box was connected to the huge, ginormous roller rink speakers, but my Zumba playlist was not selected. Yeah.

I went to bed last night listening on my iPod to one of my favorite sermons by my pastor. I do this often. (I tell my husband I'm going to bed with Pastor Mike. Haha!) However, I forgot to take it off that playlist. So it comes on over the speakers. What's the title of this particular sermon? From the speakers his voice booms and fills the roller rink:

Islam and the Anti-Christ 


Then he tells everyone turn to the Book of John.  Not John in the gospels, but 1st John.  And so on and on for the longest 30 seconds in my life. Then I got it switched to "Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)" by Bob Sinclar and Cutee B.

Welp.  It is what it is.  Nobody left!


Shelby said...

Heehee..that made me chuckle Lil! So the Zumba instructor is a Christian (or any other thing that may or may not be like me), is that really gonna change how much I like her class? Not really. I would have been concerned to read that some had left due to your personal beliefs. Those would be the types you wouldn't want in your class anyway as they would surely cause problems eventually. ;D

Liliana said...

Yeah, I don't announce my faith because work isn't the place for that sort of thing, but I keep one song for Jesus (which mentions Jesus freak in the lyrics) in my hour class and people like the routine. Awhile back, one person, a regular, did make an very offhand remark that wasn't too pro-Christian. I have a Christmas song in my pre-class listening music too. Some instructors won't have ANY music that's Christmas related in their classes. I bet they're in the big cities!

SchnauzerMom said...

Sounds like that may have been an interesting sermon!

Jules said...

So funny. I can just imagine how you must have felt. It wasn't exactly a non-threatening sermon title either was it?!

Liliana said...

SchnauzerMom, actually, it is interesting! It gives a pretty thorough overview of the history of Islam. Islam didn't exist till about 600 A.D.

Jules - exactly! lol! Of all the titles it had to be that one.