Thursday, December 23, 2010


Tomorrow we're taking the day off of homeschooling.  Saturday, Mayela might come over and bring some tamales.  And she gave me a small Christmas gift in class and so did Rose and Tina.  Awfully nice of them.  Awfully nice.  I was very surprised.

Nine more days to practice three new routines.  Wanna start the new year with a bang.  Maybe I'll do a 'bring a friend, get in free' deal.  I need to do something special to draw in those New Year's Resolution People who will come three times then quit.  Hmmmm.   Gotta think.

I edited a song.  Used Audacity to deleted a foul word.  I think I did a fair job.  I have to test it out on some unsuspecting people.  There's a blip, but it's only a half a second long.

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