Sunday, November 14, 2010

The door

Went to a birthday party, only I didn't drive up the driveway or go to the door.  It was 6:00pm.  Dark.  I saw the mailbox with the balloons on it and I was afraid to drive any farther.  What if I couldn't maneuver the truck.  What if I hit something.  I couldn't go up to the door anyways.  So I drove back home.  I can give her the birthday card for her son when I see her at Zumba.  I felt really good when she invited me.  Suppose I'll just have to be satisfied with that.

Tomorrow son turns in his 4-H project record book.  What a job.  Took a week.  I could brain the 4-H people for never mentioning how much preparation and record keeping and report writing a project record book requires. Next year.  Next year he'll do it again and next time we'll know what we're doing.  Look out then!

My hair is pretty good.  I have a bad chin zit though.  Not that there are any good chin zits out there I guess.

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