Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cha cha slide

I have a new cool down song for tonight. I've been using Lluvia, a Spanish song from Zumba, but I have to say it never moved me. I only chose it because I had all my other routines ready and I needed something a.s.a.p. for cool down. I hope Mr C's Cha Cha Slide Part 2 will make 'em smile. It'll take the 20-somethings back to the dayz of 8th grade. Me, I'd never even heard of it till last year. I was surfing music at YouTube when we were in San Diego and asked a friend of our son's if he'd ever heard of this song. He started dancing it right there in the trailer. Says, yeah, that's old. Little stinker.

I've been wanting a ballet barre. I think I'll ask my husband for a portable one from He made me one once. Out of PVC, back in, oh, 1987. But I had the whole garage to dance in and he attached it to the wall.

Cold sore on my lip. Don't know why. I'm all perfectly pretty much well balanced currently. I did vacuum and wash all the floors in the entire house at 9:00pm last night which my husband says is the wrong time to do housework. I told him, if I've got the feeling then I've gotta go with it. Who can say when the right time is to do housework. Is this written somewhere or something? Is it in the law books or what?


April said...

Oddly enough, Dr. Oz says there IS the "right" time to do housework! I can't remember what time he said, but it gives enough time for the dust to settle before you go to sleep or something. But I'm with you - the best time is when I feel like doing it. :)

SchnauzerMom said...

I so rarely feel like doing it (housework) that I better get with it whenever the mood comes.