Thursday, November 25, 2010


We have a tv now. Last night I watched Cher on Leno for awhile. She didn't look so good. I used to like her so much! She was cool. I liked to see what she would wear on the Sonny and Cher show in the '70s. But she's had so much facial surgery. I've heard people talk about celebrity's faces not moving due to botox. Cher's face, except for her mouth, did not appear to move. It was very peculiar. I always thought she such had a gorgeous face but her face now is not good. It's a little bit mutant. It's like a permanent magazine picture; photoshopped and statue-faced. It was frankly, depressing to me. She didn't look good in her dress either. And she had a toilet mouth. They had to bleep the f-word. She was never articulate to begin with so perhaps she's always talked that way and it wasn't published. Nowadays it's collectively cool to use the f-word and she wants to be considered part of the collective, and many celebrities want to be sure to use foul language in the media. There was a guy I kinda liked though. He was on on another night. Duane something or other.

I found a clay class to sign our son up for. Love working with clay. Pinching it and coiling it and working with a slab. Fun.


Jules said...

Those that desperately try to hang onto youth and try everything imaginable rarely end up looking as good as those that embrace the changes that times brings. The last time I saw Cher she was sporting I think blonde hair that did nothing for her. And it seems that those who resort to the f-word do so because the only way they can keep an audience is through shock value.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lil!

SchnauzerMom said...

I used to really like Cher but I guess she just isn't aging gracefully. I'm so sick of the f-word, it seems to be everywhere. My husband used to work with clay, he made a lot of nice things.

April said...

I agree that Cher's face kinda looks like a mask now - or, at least that's what I saw when she was on TV recently. The thing is though - women never get a break when it comes to their "looks". At least women who've been in the public eye like Cher. It seems they are either "aging badly" or have had too much plastic surgery. But I do think there is a time to put down the scalpel! A little here and there is okay in my book - not so much to look younger but to look less tired and cranky, if you know what I mean. As my jowls grow I am thinking about it! :O lol...

I hate cussing. To me, like you wrote, it shows a lack of vocabulary. And it sound crass. But yeah, everybody seems to be using foul language these days. I love the old black and white movies where there wasn't any cussing and women all wore long dresses and gorgeous updos. :)

Clay class?! I'm about ready to get back to playing with clay too. Mike's thinking about turning our large storage building into a little pottery room for me. That would be nice! Next year maybe. I hope your son has fun with it; it really is fun.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Lil! :)