Monday, November 01, 2010

Workout clothes

Okay April! I love everything you ordered. I ordered this stuff and I hope it'll fit and look good. I like that customers can leave comments at Dance Solutions. A Zumba instructor got this top and said she liked it a lot. So. I had to get it.

This one I ordered in black.  Plain front.  Cute back!  I'm going to return it if it rides up.  I got a top from them that I never could wear because it would roll up from the bottom.

Need sweats for winter. I always wear my husband's which are humongous on me. This year! I will have my own. If they fit right, that is.  I like to roll down the waist a couple times because it makes my hips look better when I wear a close fitting top.

I went a little crazy and got this white pair also. We have a duperly good washer and dryer now so possibly they won't get dingy in one month. Possibly. Looked for the shoes, but they weren't in stock. I like those shoes.

From I ordered a plain pair of pants. The fabric is Supplex and I can't say enough about how well it hold things in place and wicks away sweat. I ordered a different pair that was purple and white tie dye, but it took me so long to click the order button that it was out of stock by the time I did. She who hesitates is lost.

And the last and oh so cute top. I hope it fits. I know, how many times will I say that. I got plain black with black piping. My sports bra will show, but it's not a sexy bra. It's a Wal-Mart bra. Alone, I'm sure the top will be too low cut, so I hope my bra underneath will go high enough.  The models are all like six feet tall so the pants go higher on me and the tops are longer.  Oh well.  We can't all be tall and gorgeous.  :)

That's all from my fashionista self today.


SchnauzerMom said...

Cute stuff, I think you will look great in it.

April said...

I like! :) I really like the sweat pants and they'd be great here in the winter, but I'm sure they way to short for me, dagnabit. I didn't even think about getting any sweat pants. And those pants from SanDiegoFit look perfect; I wonder if they have my length... will have to go there and check! I'm not wearing short sleeves until I get my arms back in shape; they feel way too flappy right now. I might be tall, but I'm not toned very well right at the moment missh! Soon though... I hope to be wearing short sleeves and sleeveless by spring! Yes'm... :) I need to replace the hand weights I gave away when we moved though. Why did I do that?

Liliana said...

Hi Kathryn and April. The pants are 33" in length. I got them and they're CUTE. The top though - stunk. It is not cut like in the photo. The neck was small and the shoulder holes were small. I got a size large and I think the one in the photo has completely different cut than what I got. Oh well. I made an exchange and if it's good I'll keep it and if it's bad I'll return it and get something at Wal-Mart or Old Navy or something.