Thursday, November 18, 2010

A good night

Zumba was good. I earned a cool hundy and that makes me happy. Had several new peeps too. I need to think of a way to reward my regulars who attend so faithfully. And I want to reward people who bring a friend too. I must think on this. I danced well and felt better than usual. Well, okay, except for totally flubbing the new routine but hey, it's new so no one is the wiser that I danced it wrong. Compared to Tuesday, tonight was better because on Tuesday I felt like boo-boo. I felt cotton headed and I think I had a hot flash during the hour. That is totally bogus. Not likin' it!

Bella! She is learning to be lunged. That's when the person stands in the center and holds a rope and the horse runs round in a circle. It's a method of exercising your horse. She needs exercise very much because she young and growing especially. We should have been lunging her before now but we didn't know how. We tried. I tried to push her. Yeah, 116 pounds pushing on 1000 pounds and telling it "Go!" I got news. It doesn't work.

So Ivan came and showed our son how to do it and we've been flyin' since. I will take video of her. She's gorgeous in motion. Utterly. She tosses her head and kicks up her heels and holds her tail high. She likes lunging. Apparently she's a fast learner. I believe she's going to be very trainable like her mama, Nike. She did lay in a pile of pooh last night though and man, oh man, she stinks, and she's got black and green spots on her thick, white, winter coat. Ewww!

We went to a potluck at the park today. Got to see all the rangers and volunteers. It was nice. My husband made deviled eggs, and bacon with water chestnut or a green olive rolled up in the center. They went fast. Everyone likes his appetizers.

I'm cooking for Thanksgiving.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.