Friday, August 20, 2010

Coffee tables

So we're getting a tv. It'll be one of those flat screen kinds. I have to research it. We're stepping back into the regular world. I'm shopping a bit for a coffee table. I wanted to put the tv on the wall, but what about the cords? I don't know if we can hide the cord and if any cords show it can't go on the wall. I like wood and I'd like a southwestern style since we're in the southwest. I'm thinking of these. Handmade in Mexico. Pine. All wood.

Oops. The giant end table is a little out of scale ain't it. I'm thinking used sofas and chairs and this new stuff. Not too expensive. Rustic. I definitely want rustic. Spill something, put your shoes on it, no big deal. It'll just add character to it. One thing that popped into my head last night - putting a vase of flowers on the kitchen table. I used to like buying flowers every week. Irises. I like irises. Purple. Gary already gave us a sofa and it's like brand new. It's awful kind of him. He and his wife are that way. Very generous. We will need a recliner for the man of the house :) and I think we need another sofa for peeps to sit.

Already told son he cannot have his computer in his bedroom. Computers belong in the community area, living room/kitchen. The tv is for my husband to watch sports. I expect to maybe watch some wildlife shows. Do they have those anymore I wonder. I'm not going to become a tv watcher. I already know I don't like some of the football commercials. Son has seen tv at friends' houses and has informed me of the list of shows he'd like access to:

Deadliest Catch
Dirty Jobs
Extreme 4x4
And maybe Wipeout

I have no idea what they're about but he's a fairly discerning so I think I wouldn't forbid him to watch them.

I put up the Zumba class flyers around town today: at the post office, laundromat, hair stylist's, the market, the ranger's office. I got my first Zumba email already from a girl who is excited that Zumba is coming to our town. People's excitement is contagious! I felt happy today whereas the last few days I'd been wondering what I've gotten myself into. Tomorrow I'm going to ask Gina if I may put a flyer in the store window. Lots of people go in and out there.


SchnauzerMom said...

I love those TV tables. We really need a new one, maybe someday.

busyHSmom said...

Love the TV table!

Liliana said...

SchnauzerMom - I'm so glad to get a bit of feedback. Yeah, I've been thinking on it and I still like them too. I think those edges might be dust catchers, but oh well. It's looking like we might really get them.

BusyHSmom - It was the tv table I found first then decided to try to find matching coffee and end table. Husband likes them too. Surprised me.

Mrs. Benfield said...

Love the tables~!
Congrats on already getting emails about your Zumba!
Those TV shows.. The first two I have seen and are not your typical TV scripted dramas. Both are interesting. I am not familiar with the last two.
How long have you been out of the TV loop? There is a National Geographic channel now and we like to watch it; always something interesting and educational. :D