Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Web is a gold mine

I have been finding fabulous crafty-people blogs. Gosh, it's amazing how crafty some women are, and so prolific.

Yesterday I started on my second skein for my scarf! I'm busting with pride. I've never gotten this far before and it looks like it's going to be cute to boot. That's a good thing because I really don't need an ugly scarf. I've found a hat I like. I'm not crazy about hats and but I like this knitted one at Lion Brand and its skill level says easy. You have to register to see the pattern but registration is a cinch. They have millions of free patterns! It's gold I say. Gold!

But I'm not finished with one thing and I'm dreaming about making another thing! The hat, yes, a heart quilt, yes, more triangle earrings, yes, blankets. I need a gift for Jennifer who's having her boy in January and I've gotten it in my head that it's got to be handmade. I'm finding the cutest handmade blankets online and I'm sure I can make one. LOOK at the sock monkey and bibs this lady made. They're to die for. So cute. I also like satin edges and I found a Kwik Sew pattern for blanket and bibs I could use. I sort of like this garter stitch baby afghan but baby fingers will get caught in the holes.

Today I started reminiscing about old songs and cruised over to You Tube. "Cherish" written by The Association (1966) reminds me of being nine years old in Pacific Beach, San Diego. It was a good year. Age nine came right before ten and ten is when the world came crumbling down. Heh. I like to get melodramatic about the past.

1969. I was 11. We lived in a large apartment building and one night someone put bubble bath in the full sized in-ground swimming pool at the center of the building. All us kids who lived in the building had a blast kicking our legs from the side of the pool and making huge mountains of bubbles. It was awesome.

Whoever put the bubbles in the water made sure it was a kind that didn't burn our eyes. That summer I'd wake up in the morning, jump in the pool and play all day. I got so tan that the hair on my legs was blond. Months later I found out all the grown-ups in the building had gotten together and did the deed during the night. Even my mom was involved! I was real surprised because my mom usually follows all the rules,but it was probably the ladies who said it had to be safe on the kid's peepers.

The apartment manager referred to our building as "The Zoo" because we had some wild people living there. It was fun.

In September, school started, things changed, stuff happened. The fun ran out. Tom, his wife died before we met him. They'd been married 20 years. He was dating my mom, but my mom wouldn't marry him and he killed himself. He let his two sons come home from school and find him. They were 14 and 16. Not long after, the 16 year old was busted for molesting a sweet, but silent four year old girl in our building. Little Jennifer. She sucked her thumb all the time. Her mom didn't give her any love and then this happened. We couldn't believe it.

What am I tonight? Sylvia Plath?

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