Thursday, November 16, 2006

Roadrunner, the coyote's after you

That was such a funny cartoon. Our whole family would sit and watch it on Saturday mornings. Well, my mom, my sister, and me.

This was taken yesterday morning through the kitchen window. Luckily the window was clean! She was coming by every day for awhile, then we didn't see her for a few weeks.

At first she was sitting on the wood all puffed up and when she saw us she kept an eye on us and moved her tail up and down, then she took off. I want a picture of the male. We saw them both together at the Visitor's Center once. He has fluorescent orange markings next to his eyes!

I notice when you enlarge the photo her feet are cropped. I'm not happy about this.


yrautca said...

How lovely. Its amazing that you are able to recognize birds in your area. This is a sharp pic but you are right the feet are chopped off when you enlarge.

Liliana said...

Yr, I always pick up a Mac's field guide for animals in various regions. It's a small fold out like a brochure so it's easy to use and a quick reference. I can't be thumbing through some giant book where ever I go!

Roadrunners are almost the top of the food chain here in the desert of NM. They can attack and eat rattlesnakes! Not many animals able do that. They have to watch out for coyotes, but everything else better watch out for THEM. Remember Jurassic Park? Roadrunners look just like miniature raptors when their head crest goes up! It's neat to see.