Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I had such a nice day. Didn't get out of my pajamas until 4:30pm. I did a search on the Web and found out my fancy-dan yarn is hard to knit. Duh. I was up till 3:00am trying to K1 *YO, K2tog* K1. I love doing yarnovers. They feel good. Knitting two together is harder though. Easy, but hard. Anywho, I blink my eyes and a slew of stitches slip right off my needle. That's not a good thing. So I had to change out of my pajamas and into real clothes to go to the store for knitting needles. Found out there are none to be had in this town. None a'tall. Well, it's a beeny (as in teeny) town.

So I have to get some wooden knitting needles to provide some friction and to slow down that lattice yarn. Also, I've deduced that larger needles are required. The size 9 simply will not make big enough loops for the pattern even if I knit loosely, so I'm having my husband get me size 17 (13mm) tomorrow. Hopefully he'll make a morning run to Cruces. It's only 70 miles away. Heh. Well, Mamma must have wooden size 17 needles.

On my drive to town some guys in a truck waved at me. I didn't know them. I'm from the city so I consider waving very suspicious behavior.

We have the shiniest truck in the county. I could swim in the shine of this truck. Husband washed and waxed it. I did the tires and wheels and put baby oil on all the black parts. I do miss city driving for showing off purposes. Yeah, that's really deep, I know. Here, we go driving and just get dusty.

Went jogging the other day and two guys said "Aye-chi-wah-wah" when I went by! Either it was a comment about the 1971 retrofitted camper van they were looking at, or 1959 me. I have no idea if it was a complimentary or derogatory exclamation, but it was said with feeling. In either case, my hair was in a bun held on by a sun visor. I run in a bun. :)

Son did a science experiment. He's studying the Rocks And Minerals unit. Crystals grow smaller if they cool faster and larger if they cool slower so he makes up his hypothesis (that means prediction) and he tests it. Husband spilled the glass with epsom salt that was in the fridge. Saltwater in my hiking boots, all over the inside of the fridge, down the outside of the fridge to the floor, and across the floor. Lucky for me I was gone when it happened. So now we have to do half of the experiment over again, not that our son will mind but I do.


Christina said...

Waving is a big thing here. Just leaving my neighborhood, I get waves from everyone who might be outside. It's just a way of saying "Hi".

I hate when the stitches come off the needle! ARGH! I feel your pain. Wooden needles will definitely help with the "floatier" yarn. Sorry you have to make such a long trip to get them though!

busyHSmom said...

Of course, those men were talking to you and were stunned by how splediferously fantastic you looked jogging past them!!