Saturday, November 11, 2006

Purple polish

I had a good time today looking at refrigerators! I love blogging.

Tonight I polished my fingernails. They're deep violet, almost a plum, with a layer of purple and blue glitter over the top and a clear top coat over that. The glitter is good because it hides any mistakes with the base color being so dark. I couldn't decide between the violet or blue. My nails are almost the perfect length. Yay. It won't last for long though.

Our son just woke himself up a minute ago from talking in his sleep. I gave him a hug and told him to go back to sleep.

When I was a kid I talked a blue streak in my sleep and sleepwalked too. Once when I was 10 I went all the way across the street to a neighbor's house in the dead of night. The father answered the door and could tell I was sleepwalking. He believed sleepwalkers shouldn't be awakened or some such thing and he talked with me and sent me home - watching to make sure I went in the house. My little sister heard me, woke up and told my mom there was a man in the house but it was just little me!

When I was a teenager I'd pull all the bedding off of my bed in my sleep. Everything down to the mattress cover. I'd wake up and be so mad because I'd have to make the whole thing or sleep with covers on a mattress for the rest of the night.

And I had a thing about ants. Still do, but back then I'd leap out of my bed and start brushing imaginary ants off of me. I'd thought they were crawling all over me.

My mom would laugh raucously when she'd hear me or see me. Slowly I'd wake up, realize why she was laughing and pointing at me and I'd get mad. I mean, I felt enraged as I awoke realizing how stupid I was being. It's not like I did anything about it. What could I do. It's good to have a mom and a dad together, as in married, not divorced, so they can correct and balance one another out.

When I first was married I jumped clear out of the bed from a dead sleep once, crouched on the floor, and told my husband to LOOK OUT THEY'RE COMING! He was was afraid he married a lunatic! We kid about it now. At the time I was terribly embarrassed. After a bad dream, if he tried to comfort me I'd get very irritated. He was bewildered with me. He was always very sweet to me about it though. I never felt bad with him. I never do feel bad with him.

If kids sleepwalk or sleeptalk they ought to be comforted back to sleep.

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Christina said...

"Look out, they're coming"!! ROTFL!!! :)

Girl, that mental picture had me laughing out loud!

I bought my daughter some really pretty blue polish once. It was called Tidal Wave. I liked it so much I thought I'd try it. Ummmm.....I looked like I was a cadaver.

Not a good choice for me :-)