Friday, November 03, 2006

Tomorrow for sure

We went to Cruces today instead of Monday! And I feel rich! Don't you love that feeling when you buy craft stuff. Yes! I bought fabric to make two baby blankets, materials for our son to make Christmas gifts, two balls of yarn to make my next scarf, and new, better circular knitting needles. My next scarf is going to have yarn overs, called YO for those in the know. It's going to be for my sister but I already want to keep it. The yarn is so pretty! The store I went to is a specialty store with hand dyed yarn and yarn made from alpacas and stuff. Avrilon is going to have alpacas someday. I'll tell her about the store and she can make yarn and sell it and I will buy it. Yeah, that's a good idea. She wrote me a fabulous five page email and now I owe her. Currently I owe everyone I know an email. My new knitting needles, size 11, are called Addi something and they are real good. Much better than the squeaky plastic ones I've been using. The package says they're turbo needles. I'm waiting for the turbo to kick in.

Christmas gifts. After much thought I found a project for the kiddo to do. He loves creating a hundred little items assembly line style so I'm having him make toaster tongs for EVERYone. First I'll have him make one for us and we'll give it a test run. Currently I use metal tongs when the toast gets stuck and I heard that's a bad idea. Heh. I don't know how best to have him decorate them though. Not sure what to do there. Drawing is not his strength so I'd like to think of something else.

Due to our impromptu trip I did not worsh my hair. I'm definitely looking forward to washing it tomorrow. Today I noticed a lot of goop on women's hair at Las Cruces.

Tomorrow is the week-end! I'm dead tired. G'nite.


kim said...

I need to pick a next knitting project. I was thinking of a poncho for one of my daughters, do you maybe that's too lofty a next project?

On the toaster tongs ~ make sure they're long enough / gently bendy enough to use in toaster ovens, too. We had a nice wood one that was too short for our toaster oven.

What about designing a little logo of some sort that your son could stencil on them for decoration? If they really need decoration. Wood ones can be so pretty they don't need decoration.

Liliana said...

Oh no, there's a fly in the ointment, Kim! These are made of two large craft sticks with a little piece of a dowel glued and tacked in between. It's for toaster use, not toaster oven use.

I'm going to look into the stencil idea. Thanks a BuNcH! We could give them naked, craft stick colored, but the decorating might be fun and turn out well.

A poncho. Very doable I think and there are lots of patterns from easy to more difficult. I don't think it's too lofty and your daughter will love it! I spent hours bookmarking projects then when I went to the store I picked something I saw there. So much for the EIGHT hours of advance planning.

busyHSmom said...

Jumping in on the conversation here!

You could use paint or permanent markers and just do something simple like stripes on the tongs.

And about the poncho...there is a very are very easy way to make just knit two rectangles with the short side of one sewn to the long side of the other, and then the short side of the other sewn to the long side of the first. (sounds confusing, but is is simple!) Just remember, the bigger the yarn and needles the faster it goes. If either of you want specific instructions, let me know. Somewhere I have the sizes of the rectangles written down for little , middle and grown up sizes.

Oh, and Lil, I get busy for a few days, and look at all that I have missed on you blog!! You are a busy bee!

Liliana said...

Yeah, we're not traveling so...I have plenty of time for the 'puter now. Bzzz.

I will have to take the stripes idea under advisement. Generally stripes make me dizzy. :)

I know what kind of poncho you're talking about. I even saw one too. Looked nice.