Wednesday, November 29, 2006

dSLR coming down the pike

I get to pick a dSLR for Christmas. Yippee! I've been beside myself with trying to pick between the Canon Rebel XTi and the 30D. Oh baby, baby! You have to get at least one lens too, ya know. When it says 'body only' it means no lens. Yipes. Well, I've done the research. I've decided on a Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS ISM as my walkaround lens. That means everyday, general purpose, standard use.

We're going to a potluck tonight. We had such a good time at the first one. Husband is making deviled eggs and he bought a HoneyBaked ham today to take over there. I better go do my hair. Yeah, right after I write a little more.

We had teeny snow flurries in the afternoon. It's going to go below 32 degrees tonight. We'll see how well our heaters work in here.

I'm so lucky because a guy here who does photography saw my calendar and he told my husband I was at intermediate level and that I should really have a camera I can grow into. Wow. I felt so complimented. Very. And I think that's what made my husband think that I'm worthy of an sLR.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!


kim said...

wow! Wow, that's really great! Good for you! I'm excited for you! I wish I knew more about cameras and stuff. Maybe someday. :) You can tell us all about it, how totally exciting!!!!!!!

Christina said...

Congrats! That's great news...and a total compliment for your mad photo skills! LOL!

Hope you had a great potluck! :)

Liliana said...

Kim, it is exciting. I'm now scared to actually place the order. lol!

Christina, are you calling me like a mad scientist? ;) Well, lookout because I'm going to use depth of focus on my next camera!

Christina said...

Silly girl! "Mad photo skills" is a compliment!! LOL!

The "young folk" say mad to be in extremely good. Kinda like when bad means good or phat means cute....

I know....I'm so down with the lingo...


busyHSmom said...

I showed my son your choices (he works at a camera shop that sells Canon) and he says they are both good cameras! He personally prefers the 30D. He thinks it takes better photos. You probably know this, but more megapixels does not always equal better photos. The body is more rugged and much longer lasting. It is faster -- 5 frames per second versus 3. It also has a stronger auto focus system. It considers more points when you are taking pictures (better precision). I tell you these things just so you can consider them when you are deciding...not trying to sway your decision. He also pointed out that chosing a camera is very personal and what is more important to one photographer can be less important to another, so you may like the other model better for your purposes.

Either way, he said they are both nice cameras. Personally, I am clueless about SLR's, but I am very excited for you!

yrautca said...

Hmmm... I hope you get you camera. Should be enough hint for your husband.

And perhaps you can also add a dollar to the kid's allowance.

btw, I saw your album on your blog and the pics are really good.

Liliana said...

Michele - I emailed you!

Christina, I had NO idea mad meant extreme. Remember, I'm in the desert. We don't rate high on the coolness factor 'round here and moreso because I am not currently exposed to teenager persons. Of course, you *know* I'm looking forward to going through teenagerhood one more time with our son. Hmmm, I'll be 51 when he's 13. That promises to be a riot!

You are so down. You'll have to school me so I'll be prepared!

Yr - I got a lotta views on that photo album, like 600, then they stopped. The took me off their link page. Boo hoo.

As for the kid, hey he'll be getting $3.00 a week on his birthday. :) Really, he gets money at holiday and birthday time, and would you believe he earns money around here. People see him working and they give him money. It's the darnest thing. He's got the gavorkah. He's got several hundred bucks saved too. He's a good lil' saver and a pretty good charitable giver sometimes.