Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Waning gibbous moon with craters

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Bloggerbot is giving me fits tonight.

Okay, I got a moon with craters tonight.


yrautca said...

This is scary and uncanny. I am almost scared. I was reading my old posts and I came across a post dated October 19, 2005. Here is what it was:

Check out this most beautiful picture of moonlight on this blog.

There was no way for me to ask the blogger for permission for this link."

So I clicked on the link and it took me to your blog with the pic of moon on it dated November 7, 2006.

Oh wow. How is that even possible? This is just so unbelievable. I am gonna sit down and thing about it.

Liliana said...

Hey YR. It's been a long time. I'm still kind of mad. Well, maybe not, but maybe. I scare my husband sometimes too you know, so look out! My husband says I have connections with the Man upstairs! :) :) :)

So YR, I've been working for a year on keeping a clean mouth and also I don't want to read four letter words either. I'd love to visit your blog but will you please tell me first, whether it's pretty clean or no?

Mine has probably gotten kind of boring for peeps such as yourself. I'm knitting now, ya know. lol! It is VERY fun!

Here is a verse for you tonight:
Numbers 6:24-26!

kim said...

you took that picture, and saw / photographed the craters?!?!? I am astounded! What a fantastic photograph!

Someday, when I grow up, I'm going to learn how to use a "real" camera again - all that F-stop and aperture and lens stuff. I sort of learned a little in a high school graphic art class, but now I'm just at the mercy of my sorta-smart camera.

Liliana said...

Kim, every single time I use manual I have to fiddle with it. I can't get my mind to understand how it works. It's a bit frustrating. I just keep trying till it does what I want. It's not the most efficient route. I read and read, but still I'm kind of in a fog as far as how to do what I want for the effect I want.

I do have the moon settings memorized. That's some kind of accident to be sure, but it's helpful. Focus is still tricky. And I hate setting up the tripod. You need a degree in tripodery to set up all the legs. My husband has been setting it up for me. He can't stand to watch me attempting to adjust it for very long!