Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Can I possible waste an entire day any more thoroughly than I did today?

I don't THINK so.

However I did compose my bio for our alumni web site. Fantastic bio, if I do say so myself. The other peeps write one line as an answer. I can't possibly do that. Oh no. They'll be on the edge of their seats reading my bio.

I think I get to upload four pictures on my personal page too.

That'll take another day for sure.


Christina said...

My hubby had his class reunion in Sept. They had a page on Classmates.com. They hounded people to donate and now the site is funded through 2009. The problem with that is that everyone stopped visiting the page after the reunion.

You'll have to share the link to your class page so we can read your bio too!! :)

yrautca said...

One can generally expect you to be very detailed-oriented, if I may say so. You should become an editor of a photogrophy or women's hair magazine.

Liliana said...

Christina, I remember your husband's reunion! I saw all the pictures! That's a good point about the page not being used after the reunion. I'm definitely not going to pay a cent. Plus, with my connection it is a horror to navigate.

Hmm, I will take the idea of posting a link to my bio under advisement. We'll see.

Yr - Thank you. That is a nice compliment. I couldn't be a hair mag editor though because believe it or not I'm not that interested in hair. But hair is fun, nevertheless. However, I would luv to work for a photog mag. That would make sweet dreams. I will use you as a reference in my resume. ;)

I posted a response earlier but it's not here. Another beta glitch? OH NOOOOOOOOOO!