Sunday, November 19, 2006

One in flight


Eowyn said...

Liliana, your photos are gorgeous! Can you perhaps help me with something? Did you hear what kind of sounds the cranes make? I've been wanting to know this, for my Statue of the Crane karate form. Did their calls remind you of any other bird calls that I might have heard before? (Born and raised in New England, I've been. We have Great Blue Herons here, but I don't know what sounds they make. They look something like a crane, only with greyish blue feathers all over. I've never seen the kind of crane you photographed.)

Thank you!

Liliana said...

Eowyn, thank you!

I took a short video (with sound) of the snow geese, but not of the sandhill cranes. But I did a quick search for you and found a link where you can hear one. It's a funny sound really. You'd think as majestic as they look that they'd have a different sound. I may go there again and if I do I'll do a short video with sound of the cranes and I'll share it with you somehow. Hearing them talking all at once is quite something.

Liliana said...

Whoops. Well I guess you'll have to copy and paste the URL. The part you can't see is:

By the way, I had never seen this kind of crane before either. I've seen great blue herons though.

kim said...

how did I miss this the other day? This is fantastic, the one solitary bird in flight.

So are you using a "fully manual" digital camera?

I don't know a lot about photography. Someday, when I have more time, I'd like to learn to be a "real" photographer. I think right now I am an artist who owns a camera. LOL!

in high school I took graphic arts and had a short session on photography, learned about f-stop and aperture and stuff, but I can't remember any of it.

Liliana said...

Kim, no, it's not fully manual. It has an automatic point and shoot setting which I use often. But I have an M for manual mode too. That's why I chose this camera is because I have plenty to learn on it. Digitals are awesome. Back in the old days I could do a whole roll of perfectly crummy photos. Now we can just delete the bad and take 100 more, eh!

Eowyn said...

Thanks, Lil, for finding that link for me. I did listen to the crane, and followed the article. They are called "wildness incarnate". That's so beautiful. There was also a video of lots of cranes singing together: amazing. I'll listen to the crane call often but don't think I will immitate that sound! I'll have to remain a human who is trying to show the form of the crane, and leave the sound of the crane to the actual crane.

I hope you have a blessed, peaceful yet exultant, happy Thanksgiving. The German Chocolate Cake should go a long way towards that end!