Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh no, holiday almost over

Is there only one day left? Sure has gone fast. I spent the day shopping and comparing online. Didn't buy anything, just read and read and read. I did go over to a friend's place to talk with a couple who is considering going full time (traveling full time in a trailer or motorhome) and they asked questions and I answered a few. I enjoyed talking with them. I must be changing this year because last year I didn't talk to anyone. They acted surprised that I'm 47 and said I looked younger but I think they're pulling my leg. I'm lucky I don't look like I'm my husband's mom or something. People always, I'm not exaggerating, act surprised that he's 65.

Our son today informed me that he is not a little boy and I am to stop calling him my little boy. He said Deedah (he's called his daddy Deedah since he could talk) can say it but not me. Thing is, Deedah never calls him his little boy anyway. Sigh. He's growing up so fast. I will miss him when he leaves. The time is flying by.

Which leads me to one of the saddest articles I've read in awhile. Fox News, 10 is the new 15 As Kids Grow Up Faster. I saw a lot of it in California which is part of why we left. Parents think it's cute but it's not. Sometimes it's almost pornographic what people let their little girls wear. It's the parents' fault. I'm so glad our child is getting a genuine childhood. Apparently having one is getting rare these days.

I have a new friend. She's an author. A published author. And she's nice. I met an author once in Tahiti. She wasn't nice. She was a psychologist and she hit on my husband - right in front of me! My husband was just a little lamb and acted like he didn't notice (ignored her, that is). I could not believe it. And she's supposed to be helping people with their lives? Sheesh.

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Christina said...

My hubby saw this article today too and wanted me to read it. It is so hard to protect our kids from all of these influences. I'm blessed that my daughter wants to be a kid as long as she can. She often looks in disgust at some of the things mentioned in that article.

We just have to stay vigilant and prayerful.