Monday, November 06, 2006

Gull and moon

November's full moon Posted by Picasa

Um, [cough] I still have five inches to go on my scarf. I don't know what happened to the day. Homeschooling took longer. I planned to visit Reta for a half hour and I was there two hours. Luckily my husband cooked crockpot stew and found fresh sourdough at the store so I came home to a piping hot plate. She's busy tomorrow and I don't know how to bind off. She can't see me till Wednesday.

The digital SLRs are coming down in price. They're looking mighty sweet. Do I want a sewing machine with serge or a camera? I don't know. The SLRs don't have 12X zoom though. I have to have big zoom. I took this moon pic last night since it was full and gorgeous and it called us to come outside. A gull was flying by. I barely (bang my head against the table) missed him flying past the moon. This is the best I can do with the moon. I'd hoped I could improve upon my moon pics of last year but this is it. My lil' camera, this is as good as she can do. I can enlarge it but at 100% it's slightly jaggy. I'm not a fan of the jaggies. I also missed a boat zooming through the reflection of the moonlight on the water. Bummerrrrr!

10:30pm - Knitting done! Now, how to bind off...


Christina said...

I love that picture!

I bought a "cheaper" ($200)serger last year and I already want a new one. It's much better to spend the $$$ on a good serger than to be disappointed later. I'm saving up for the one I want's closer to $500...YIKES!

Eowyn said...

This picture is gorgeous. I just want to keep looking at it, absorbing the color, the contrast, and being the gull. Thank you.

I'll be back!