Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Today I shall bake a cake

It will be my famous, though not beautiful, German sweet chocolate cake made from scratch. I make this once a year or twice a year if I make one at Thanksgiving and one at Christmas. However I have not made one for two years. I have my recipe that I cut out of the newspaper in 1999. It takes hours to make this cake.

It took me all afternoon and now I am in a bad mood. I try to like cooking. I did real good and had a very upbeat attitude. I made everyone leave the trailer because I need some peace when I make this cake. I have to concentrate!


We had a bit of excitement when the ranger came by today to let us see a baby beaver that she rescued. It was stuck in a pipe or something. She's so good with animals, and with children too. It was awfully cute and I've never seen a live beaver up so close. I heard its mother had been killed about two weeks ago. The baby has been okay to this point so I dearly hope that's a good sign for its survival.

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kim said...

oh fun, you took a "during" picture! Why didn't I do that? AND ... can I say this? I love you for not having a tidy counter with everything you're baking with lined up in order. I'm just going to PRETEND, anyway, that you cook like me, with everything out at once and a big mess at the end. LOL.

I like to bake and cook, but I do NOT like helpers helping me. Unless they're just doing their OWN thing in another part of the kitchen. My dd made cowboy caviar nearly by herself. I made three pies. Two are still cooking at 12:16. Classic Kim for you.

But I like baking and smelling pies in the oven makes me happy.

I can't wait to see your finished cake!!!