Monday, November 13, 2006

I had some spare time. Heh. Actually I have plenty of that after 3:00pm every day. So about midnight I googled my old hometown. Found the local newspaper online. What were the chances I'd trip onto an article written by a name I recognized. I never knew him personally but saw him around campus. He was a junior or senior when I was a freshman in high school. He wrote a long article about old times and referred to, so naturally I ended up at My 30th reunion, egads, is in June 2007.

I wore a Mickey Mouse t-shirt on my first day of high school. It belonged to my best friend, Debbie, and I had to really persuade her to let me wear it. It was a very popular shirt. Or did she wear it and I wore the new clothes my dad and step-mom got me? Shoot, I don't quite remember. Anyway.

I signed up so now my name is there. Curiosity was killing me to see who was already signed up and the only way you can view names is to sign up yourself.

Some names made me chuckle and some brought back warm memories. High school includes some of the worst years of my life. I guess that's better than having them be the best years of your life because then life is all downhill from there, and how sad would that be! I went downhill, crashed and burned, then went uphill. Heh. Late bloomer. Strangely, I look back on the 70s with sweet nostalgia even though they were the worst years of my life!

You got to know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, when to walk away, and when to run. (What? Kenny Rogers already said that?)


kim said...

I really resent that whole "pay to find out" thing they've got going. My sister got an email through from a friend, but she would've had to pay to make contact back, or something. Fortunately she found the friend some other way.

My highschool years weren't awful, but I'd still be willing to forget them. I think the worst thing about highschool is the whole overblown feeling of importance. I thought, at the time, they were SUPPOSED to be the best days of my life. I remember thinking everything - all the people, the grades, the plans I made - were so important.

Pfft. (makes a derisive exhale noise)

But I had two-tone hair in high school. That was cool.

busyHSmom said...

I am so glad we home school so that my teenagers get to miss out on all that high school drama!! My kids laugh outrageously when someone says to them, "You home school? But then you don't get to go to the PROM!!!" So many of those poor kids in school have their life's priorities so warped by the whole social scene that they think missing Prom is devastating. Sad, so sad.

Liliana said...

Two tone hair! Hehe! I had long straight hair parted in the middle, no bangs. Used to wear a cap and the grown-ups said I looked like a Norwegian who should be sittin' in front of an ice hole - fishing. lol!

Michele, but you have described my eldest son to a tee. I put him into a military academy for his last year of h.s. so he missed prom with friends at home. He did get to go to an awesome military ball, but he still held missing the prom against us for literally years.