Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My fingers

Gosh, I have the most interesting subject titles in my blog.

My right index finger has been kind of sore. I was thinking, arthritis. I read about people having arthritis and I thought, maybe I have it too.

But I use one finger to pull on the handles of all the cupboards and since we're in a trailer which is built for bouncing on roads, the cupboards are hard to open. I don't know why I use one finger. I just do.

Husband said that's why I have a sore finger. He said don't use one finger anymore. So I stopped.

And now my sore finger is all better.


Eowyn said...

That is one of the most RISIBLE facets of blogging, to me: we can write about ANYTHING! ROFL! So, here I am, across the USA miles away, feeling glad that your finger feels better. It's really very funny, in a good, human kind of way.

Eowyn said...

Also, the wisdom of your husband is appreciated.